6 Destinations in Mumbai, You can Spot Celebrities

Mumbai is the dream destination for all the Small town peoples as well for the Big town dreamers.


I also belongs to a Small Town & have never Passed from the railway station of the Mumbai ever before i got the chance to attend the training program for my newly joined company. I would like to thank My Company for give me the uncertain destination like Mumbai for attend the training event. I was happy for my first job placing but apart from that i was happy more for the Mumbai Darshan. this was like first time i saw any dream at the night & suddenly i woke up with the living that dream life in reality.

So This was the first time i have touched the Line of Mumbai Railway track. When i was in the train, the most major thing was revolving in the mind about to see the Band Stand of Mumbai. Because this is the place where you can see the every person who comes in your dreams & thoughts.

The saddest part occurred in the mid program was my training place which was very far from Band stand in Navi Mumbai. So now all i have to do was wait over anything. I have waited 5 days long for the completing of my dream. than the day comes when i was there at Band Stand. yeahhhhh….. What was the day that was… !!!! I was in the taxi & just reaching to the point of My Biggest Dream & a kind Of temple For me the apartment of SALMAN KHAN ( GALAXY APARTMENT )……   As i said this was the biggest dream for me to see the favorite superstar of me, everyone has some thoughts to see their favorite super star. specially when any one goes to Mumbai for any reason, they definitely wants to see those film stars at least once..

So there is not any compulsion that you can find your favorite stars only on Band Stand, there are some very common places where you can see them … So lets Have a look for those places.. Apart from Band Stand


This is the obvious place for finding the stars at any time because if you will wait there for more than 2-3 hrs, you will definitely find any buses which work there to bring the star cast & most Bollywood actors.



At any given points in time, this place has some or the other film scripts being discussed here & this is very common general type of cafe , where you can go sit & can see your favorite stars with the some more star cast over there.



This place has some serious Bollywood history. This place is famous for salman – shahrukh war & salman – ranbir collide. But it’s also a place where almost all of Bollywood shows up for a great time.



This place is very famous for the small get together of the celebrities with their friends. the most famous actress kareena kapoor is most regular celebrity to come over there with there friends & cousins. This upscale restaurant at Pali Hill is almost every Bollywood celebrity’s favorite dining joint. Book a table for yourself and you may get a chance to spot a celeb.



This is the celeb spotting hotspot in the city. If you are at Mumbai Airport you will get a chance to spot celebrities like Ranveer Singh. Also, the airport looks of Mumbai celebrities are to die for.



This is a popular multiplex in Mumbai that is frequently visited by Bollywood celebrities. PVR Juhu is where Bollywood meets Bollywood. Plan a movie date here and starstruck fans will have every reason to spend on that expensive popcorn and aerated drink.


So these are some of those places where you can easily make true your dreams….

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