7 Spectacular Places In India

Life in 20’s is the time to explore new things and find your calling. This time is crucial and will never come back which is why everybody in this phase must make the most of it!

This is the time when one tastes freedom for the first time, and to make the best of your experience, all you need to do is fulfil your wanderlust! Travelling opens doors for a lot of experiences, that will change your life forever and you don’t have to worry about finding these places because the list in never ending.

Here are 7 places in India that you must visit in your 20’s:


Goa is one of the favorite place for holiday for all the bachelors. So, here are the best resorts which are available in the North Goa for your next holiday. Almost all the beaches in north Goa have a completely different vibe to them, some are quite some have the hustle and bustle all party lovers get attracted to and then there are some which are just perfect and Mandrem beach is one perfect beach nowadays, it has the serenity of the south Goa beaches and at the same time has a bit of fanfare as well.

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Andaman and Nicobar Islands:

Budget is the main concern for any student, but Andaman and Nicobar is a great place to be in and there is no harm in saving for it. You can get the best of snorkeling and scuba diving experience in Andaman and Nicobar, while enjoying the view of the marine life at the same time. The blue colour of the water will leave you in awe of the place. The white sand and the beaches in Andaman are worth visiting!

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Sandhan Valley:

Do heights give you that much needed adrenaline rush ? If yes, then, Sandhan Valley in Maharashtra is the place for you. You have Ratangad, Ajoba, and Kalsubai (the highest mountain peak in the state) mountain ranges flanking the Sandhan Valley. Trekkers can enjoy the traditional Maharashtrian fare (vegetarian and non-vegetarian) cooked locally.

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Also known as the Scotland of the South, Coorg is a captivating hill station located not so far from Bangalore. You will be mesmerized by the green colour on the ground, all around and the grey sky all over. In Coorg, you can also try waterfall rappelling and a view with a perfect weather that will wake up even the laziest of souls.

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You should go to Puducherry to experience an atmosphere completely different from other parts of the country. In Puducherry, you will see buildings inspired by french architecture and houses painted coulourfully.

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Bhangarh, the haunted city:

This place should be on your list if you are in search of some real-life haunted places.

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Who doesn’t want to be here, after seeing the location multiple times in our favourite movies. Rev up your bikes, pull out your helmets get ready for an amazing road trip to the top. The ride is treacherous and the route unforgiving. You better trust the bike as well as the rider. This place is definitely a must visit for every travel enthusiasts.

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