6 Best Cafes to Hangout in Lucknow

No matter how many new cafes open up in the city, there are a few places which will always remain at the top of our list forever. Be it a well thought of plan or a quick decision, the following 7 cafes in the city will never disappoint you. From the quality of food to the warm and skilled staff and a perfect ambience, these places never miss a detail.

Be it a dull Monday or a crazy weekend night, you will be treated with the best, on any of your visits. From improvising the menu, with new and innovative dishes to bringing in new elements and changes in decor for lighting up your mood, these places do everything to make you feel special.

Vintage Machine

This premium coffee shop in the city has brought before its people, a lot of new experiences in food. This is the only place to offer Nitro Coffee and is the prefered place for Italian cuisine, in Lucknow. Their recently launched menu is vast and comprises of new dishes and beverages. They also have various kinds of Teas and Latte options to chose from, something that you will get nowhere else in the city.

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Cappucino Blast

Located away from the jams and struggles of the city, is Lucknow’s first cafe, also known as Cappi. The place till date remains the first on everybody’s list and why not. It’s a complete paradise for food lovers, that has a cute little bakery, a beautiful fine dine, your favourite Italian marvels with mock-tails and cocktails, along with the added advantage of a lovely gift shop, with a lot of desirable stuff in it. This place serves the best Hukka in the city.

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Lucknowites love this cafe for its amazing desserts and its location, that allows you to view the city from the top. You can feel the fresh air while savouring your tried and tested food and beverages at Mocha’s rooftop. The dark and lively ambience at Mocha will instantly lift up your mood. This is one place in the city where you quality and quantity will never disappoint you. Their Rasmalai Cheesecake is an incredible dessert, and it’s a sin to not try it.

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Nainital Momos Cafe

This is the only momo cafe in the city and is a place which Lucknowites are glad to have in their city. With about 200 varieties of momos, Nainital Momos offers more than you can imagine. The amazing taste you get at Nainital Momos is known to all, but did you also know how healthy their momos are. Yes, Momos which are healthy is a reality at this cafe, which makes everything out of wheat flour. Amazing isn’t it?

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Homeys Cafe

One of the foremost cafes of Lucknow, Homeys Cafe is a place that has given innumerable memories to Lucknowites and continues to be a favourite. With a perfect location, you are also going to find this place in different avatars from time to time. Very soon you are again going to see a new look of the cafe, as it is under renovation now. Homeys is a budget-friendly place that has some of the most amazing burgers, with a lot of other options to chose from.

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Rollarapppa Cafe

This is Lucknowites go-to place for finger-licking good rolls and coolers. It is located in a quiet zone of a busy mithai wala chauraha and totally deserves to be on this list. If you want a place to spend quality time with your gang, without a lot of hullabaloo and with taste that you can never get disappointed with, this is your adda. Chilli Chicken roll, Italian Chicken rol, Mushroom roll, or any other option, you can always try something new, because you’re going to love it all.

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