CANADA- be ready to be consumed in wonderlust


“I am a Canadian, free to speak without fear, free to worship in my own way, free to stand for what I think right, free to oppose what I believe wrong, or free to choose those who shall govern my country. This heritage of freedom I pledge to uphold for myself and all mankind.” 


Canada, the echo of heaven, is a land of rich natural beauty, with its mountains, lakes and breath-taking landscape, Canada is significantly different from America. It’s perfectly happy with its British heritage. Much of Canada’s current environment and influence has come from two major countries, namely, Britain and France. Canada’s southern border with the United States is the world’s largest bi-national border. It is world’s second largest country by area.

Canada’s climate is full of surprises and not an easy subject to understand because of its extremely large area and amazingly diverse geography. It’s is known that winters are the dominant season in this country. Still the climate tends to vary depending upon area. For example- South Ontario, which is the most populated region has a comparatively less severe climate. Similarly, the coastlines of British Columbia remain above the freezing for a majority of the winters, however, you will also find some of the largest mountain glaciers here. Summers in this cold country is short and sometimes comes as a relief for the residents. Toronto is comparatively cooler than other major cities however in places like Ontario and Quebec, the summers are often hot and humid. In winters, Eastern regions are sometimes subjected to inclement, bringing rain, snow, wind and sleet.

Some of the major places to visit in this country are-


Quebec is famous for being one of the unique regions in Canada owing to the fact that it is culturally distinct from the rest of the nation. French is the dominant language in this province. There are many great cultural sites like Quebec City’s Winter Festival and Montreal’s classic architecture. Maple syrup and Poutine are also the gifts of this amazing place.


Being Canada’s most populated province, it is geographically diverse and hence endless activities are always happening here. It is also home to Canada’s charming and bilingual capital, Ottawa, as well as the breath-taking Niagara Falls and the untapped natural beauty of Muskoka, are also found here.


This province is like a dream in itself, from cultured Vancouver to charming Victoria and mesmerizing ski slopes in Whistler, British Columbia is packed with unseen wonder that is both the creation of man and the gift of God. You are likely to find a large number of Canadians settled in this province, because of its mild winters.

As a tourist, one should not miss these amazing cities that are filled with welcoming people and natural beauty.

OTTAWA– It’s home to Parliament Hill, many national museums, the ByWard Market and one of the best Canada Day celebrations. You can also view the amazing Quebec across the river.

MONTREAL– It’s one of the largest metropolitan city in Canada. The city is famous for its francophone culture and multilingual aspect. Mile-End, Old Montreal, Olympic Park etc. are just a few things to begin with.

TORONTO– The largest city in Canada is home to various landmarks like the CN Tower and is considered as the cultural capital of Canada. It is full of eccentric neighbourhoods that offer quality cuisine, shopping and cultural amenities along with having the third largest live theatre in the world.

VANCOUVER– The three words to describe this amazing city is clean, modern and efficient. With a climate that never gets too cold or hot, you are likely to find a large number of residents as well as tourists enjoying the sun as well as slopes on the same day.

Canada should definitely be on your bucket list. If you want to get lost in nature and rejuvenate yourself. My friends, Canada is the place.


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