Most haunted places in Mumbai – The Mayanagri

Mumbai, which was previously known by the name as Bombay and popularly known as Mayanagri has a lot to offer to everyone who lands onto this city. That amazing atmosphere, those sky-high opportunities, those changing fortunes, that joy and that celebration, everything collectively makes it a perfect place for anyone.

People say that behind one success, there are a few failures and behind the failures, superstition is one of the factors. Mumbai city is said to believe in a lot of those and that is one of the major reasons why the skyscraper buildings do not have 13th floor. In fact one of the best hotels in the city, the trident at the Marine drive does not have 13th floor.

Stories of Ghosts, unexplained suicides at a single place, haunted houses, abandoned mills and a lot more things which make lives of Mumbaikars miserable apart from the problems they already face to survive in the city. Researching about the new places and different things is a fun activity and it was the same when I researched about the haunted places in Mumbai.

Most Haunted Placed in Mumbai

Grand Paradi Towers

Grand Paradi Towers which was also sometimes also known by the name as Grand Pararri towers is arguably the most haunted place in Mumbai. Situated at one of the prime locations, this place came in news around 2004 when an elderly couple jumped to death from the window of their apartment situated on the eighth floor.

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Mukesh Mills

Located at a prime location of Mumbai, Colaba, Mukesh Mills was shut down way back in 1980. Since then, this place has been a favorable place for the shootings of movies as well as advertisements. This place looks as a ready-made set for the horror movies because of the architecture as well as the location.

Aarey Milk Colony

Aarey milk colony was established in 1949. It comprises of a huge area in Goregaon East with numerous lakes, nurseries and gardens. This place is a frequent spot for all the picnickers as well as the movie shootings. There are not many significant cases reported at this place, however, many people have felt the presence of unusual things around.

The D’Souza Chawl, Mahim

It is believed that long ago, there was a well which was used by the people to take drinking water as well as to wash utensils. While washing utensils, a lady fell down into the well and since then she is believed to be roaming around the well and into the corridors of the chawl.

People have experienced this numerous times, but till now, the lady has not harmed anyone. The spirit disappears with the sunrise.

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Ram Sakit Building, behind Paradise cinema

Inside the mentioned building, there is a well in the backyard, which is said to be possessing a spirit of a 50 year old lady. The lady, named Sulochna, fell into the well 20 years back and she is believed to come out of the well on the night of every Amavasya and disappears with the sun rise. The landlord of the house, named as Richard carries out exorcism of the flowers everyday on the well.

These were some of the places which convinced me to include them onto this list. I am not a hard core believer of Ghost and stories, but I have experienced it quite a few times and I believe, no matter how scientific the time is, every single thing which is rumored in the world, exists.

I will leave it onto you people to have a discussion on the same, I am off to another research so that I can get you something else tomorrow on the same blog. Take care. See ya!

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