IPL- One Platform giving Multifaceted Experience

IPL is a professional Twenty20 cricket league in India representing Indian cities and some of the states.

IPL or Indian Premier League is one of the most famous and attended cricket leagues in the world. In 2010, IPL became the first sporting event in the world to be broadcasted LIVE in YouTube. The brand value of IPL in 2017 was the US $5.3 billion. And according to BCCI, 2015 IPL contributed ₹11.5 billion to the GDP of the Indian economy. Some of the reasons behind the immense popularity of IPL are:

Includes Legends and Learners

Legend and learners

You will find the legends retired from world cups and test crickets playing in the different IPL teams. This is a chance and visual treat to the viewers to watch them play once again in the field. And also IPL bestow the opportunities to the young and fresh talents coming from small cities. This caters the young players with a big platform to showcase their talent. In addition, these emerging players get an opportunity to play with the legends. As a result, they gain guidance from their seniors, which help them to perform better and secure a position for themselves in the Indian squad.



Indian Premier League is not just about cricket. Many film stars and industrialist investing in the game gains a lot of media attention. IPL opening ceremony is a star-studded affair which attracts a lot of the people. In addition to Bollywood stars and International Cricketers, Cheerleaders are an extra glam quotient in the IPL games.


India is a country where cricket is a religion. IPL thus attracts a large population of the country and large units are put in telecasting. So it is like earning crores of rupees within few days of IPL tournament. With the presence of Bollywood stars and International cricket players, the money multiplies benefitting the Indian economy to a great extent.

Short Duration

Unlike other tournaments held in the cricket, IPL is a short game of 3-hour duration. Thus, it maintains the quality and spirit of the game till the end. Therefore, saving the game from being long and boring. The short duration of the game has gained immense popularity and fan-following.

Unconventional Episodes

Sachin and Ponting

If not Indian Premier League then we would not have witnessed Sachin-Ponting partnership, Kohli-ABD cameo, Gayle storm, Dhoni’s epic innumerable finishing moments and many such epic moments. Every year we witness many extraordinary moments in the IPL tournament increasing the fan following with each passing year.

Cultural Exchange


IPL has become a platform of cultural exchange. Foreign players like never before are learning Indian languages, wearing Indian attires and adopting other characteristics of the country. Thus, IPL is exposing the Indian cultures and its features to the world. IPL showcases cultures of different states through their advertisements which creates a greater impact and forms a connection with the Indian audience which results in more popularity of the game.

Increased Audience


45% of the audience is women, it automatically increases the viewers. Also, the involvement of famous celebrities attracts a large crowd towards the game. Constant Advertisements and Promotions of IPL also gathers a large mass.

No Strings attached

In IPL we can support and cheer for any cricketer regardless of the country he belongs to. Naturally, we cannot support Brett Lee, ABD when they are playing against our country but IPL is a platform we can support and idolize our favorite cricketers keeping aside the cities we support.

Crazy Batting and Insane Catches

Chris gayle

During IPL, we can witness some incredible catches and batting. Gayle smashing unknown bowlers out of the stadium, AB de Villiers terrific innings, and Dhoni’s phenomenal finishing are some of the incidents.



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