Leather Notebooks with Prints Very Inspiring and Motivating

A well-crafted leather notebook is a user’s delight and encourages putting pen to paper. Crafted by expert artisans, these leather notebooks are made out of finest PU leather that motivates its user and can last for generations.

How these notebooks can be used for various purposes?

The designer journal notebooks are ideal for taking down notes, personal memoirs, research data, or concealing secrets. To make a quick reference in future, these notebooks can be referred whenever needed, with data organized and stored in them. There are ruled and non-dated sheets in the notebook for taking down notebooks with no restrictions of dates. Space is provided for writing down dates as per usage and convenience.

Notebooks for Every Type of User

These notebooks can be used by any genre of the user be it housewife, professional, students or freelancer writers. Once the data is stored in these leather designer notebooks manually, there is no fear of losing the data owing to virus attacks or memory loss, which is the case with electronic gadgets such as mobile handsets or laptop.

How the facility of customisation of cover page useful?

Buying online of the planner notebooks has an added advantage that you can get them in various colours options such as brown, black, yellow, purple and blue for the cover page. There is the facility of customized printing on the cover page with the print of your choice that costs a little extra. The facility of customized/personalized printing makes these notebooks a good gift at the personal level. The funky print, motivational or inspirational quote or other abstract prints can be useful for lifting the low and down mood and spirit of the user. At the corporate level, these notebooks can be ordered with the brand logo printed on them so that the association is always fresh in minds of users.

The security of the notebook given due importance

For the enhanced security and protection of the cover of the leather notebooks from scratches, spots, and abrasion, the PU leather cover has been given the glossy finish. There are around 200 pages in this planner/organizer leather notebook with many other useful features such as guided lines and perforated pages for ease tearing of the page so that the connecting back page doesn’t loosen up. The natural shades of the sheet ensure using any color pen comfortably. For the long-lasting use, these notebooks come with hardbound bookbinding so that the pages don’t spill over the period of time.

The notebook is around 300 g weight and the size are A5 so that it can fit into the school bag or the laptop bag comfortably for the usage at different places.

Sending as A Gift

One may send the leather notebooks as a gift to loved ones with very vivid and eye-catching prints embedded into its covers. The facility of gift wrap delivery of these notebooks through the e-commerce portal eases your tension of sending a gift to your beloved writer without leaving comfort zone.

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