These 8 Cities Should Be On Every Vegan Traveller’s Wish List

Food has always been an important factor in our travel itinerary. Whilst veganism is still a relatively new concept in some countries, meaning limited offerings for vegan and vegetarian Indian travellers, there are definitely good options for those in the know. We’ve compiled a list of veggie-friendly cities for you to consider when planning your next trip, so you can eat well even on holiday.

Best vegan city: Chiang Mai, Thailand

Visitors can also enjoy baked goods, homemade jam and locally-produced organic cleaning and beauty products. Check out Free Bird Cafe, which not only offers homemade dishes, but even ensures that its proceeds go to a local charity organisation that the cafe is a part of. This organisation, called Thai Freedom House raises funds for Burmese refugees as well as Thai families living in poverty in rural Thailand.

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Best vegan city: Los Angeles, USA

Recently coming in second on PETA’s list of the 10 most vegan cities in America, LA is also home to notable vegan celebrities such as Joaquin Phoenix, Alicia Silverstone, and Casey Affleck.  As well, it’s the home of The Animal Museum, a museum dedicated to animal rights and protection.  This includes Little Pine Restaurant, a Mediterranean-inspired restaurant opened by celebrity Moby.

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Best vegan city: Turin, Italy

Turin has always been famous for its refined architecture, sports cars, football and cuisine. In 2016, mayor Chiara Appendino made it her mission to start promoting green living and sustainability. Her programme aims to educate kids about animal welfare and nutrition with the aim of reducing the amount of animal products eaten by future generations. The city now has over 30 restaurants, cafés and shops serving veg-friendly fare. We love this list, posted by Turin Tourism to help travellers navigate the culinary scene.

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Best vegan city: Toronto, Canada

Canada’s largest city demonstrated an increase in plant-based eateries and shops of late. We like YamChops, a plant-based butcher and market nestled in the Little Italy district of Toronto.

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Best vegan city: Ghent, Belgium

This effort encourages restaurants to guarantee a vegan dish on their menus, schools to provide meat-free meals for children and there is even a good range of vegan beers at some of the city’s bars.

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Best vegan city: Taipei, Taiwan

With a large population of practising Buddhists, Taipei won the top spot of Top Vegan-Friendly Cities in Asia by PETA in 2016. Travellers will be spoilt for choice at their famous buffets, extensive range of teas, tantalising desserts, and not forgetting the famed (and controversial!) stinky tofu. During your visit, you can easily spot the Buddhist symbol resembling a backwards swastika in front of each vegan restaurant.

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Best vegan city: Portland, USA

The capital of Oregon boasts an alternative but progressive atmosphere, suitable for even the fussiest vegetarians and vegans. There’s even vegan real estate businesses, medical practitioners, counselors and activity-based businesses such as summer camps.

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Best vegan city: Berlin, Germany

There won’t be enough time for travellers to try all of its 50 purely vegan cafes, fine dining restaurants, hip bakeries, wine bars, street food carts and ice cream shops. Berlin has been lauded by Saveur magazine in 2015 for becoming home to some of the world’s most creative vegan chefs.

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