Top 5 Technology Accessories for Men

The technology is changing day by day and for this, tons of cool gadgets are rolling out there. Here are some of the new tech gadgets which have released recently and can also solve the common problems of men and can make their life easier and simpler.

Rif6 Cube

It is a little gadget which gets attached to the mobile phone that can display a picture of 120”. The person can simply attach the cube to their smartphone and can be able to view hot star, Netflix, Youtube, and play games on the wall.  It is so small in size that it is easy for travel, and is also a very great thing for presentations. One of the best things is that it can also be connected via the tethering and hotspot of the smartphone.

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Divoom Voombox

It is one of the cool gadgets for man which is an awesome portable wireless speaker. The speaker can connect with the help of Bluetooth, and the quality of the speaker is so loud and awesome.  The Divoom has lots of applications as it is water resistant and can also be taken to any beach party. It is also one of the best gadgets for the men’s who loves partying on a regular basis as it is so portable.

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Playstation VR

VR is one of the hot topics for men. PlayStation VR is the top gaming gadget for men and is also affordable although it is slightly less advanced than Oculus or vibe.

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TrackR StickR

Sometimes there is a high chance that men forget their wallet, smartphone, keys or the remote control. This is normal but dealing without this is a very tough challenge. Tracker is the solution for all this problem. It is a small sized device that can simply be fastened to any of the gadget or item, and then users are able to use the companion app to find whatever the device is attached to. When the person loses or forgets their wallet, they can simply pull up the app on their smartphone and can make the Tracker beep. This device also has a system to alert when the person is too far from their important attached things or items. This device works with both the iOS and Android smartphone.

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 LightMate Emergency LED Flash Light

The LightMate emergency LED flash light is much more than just an ordinary flash light. This awesome gadget has lots of useful application. The first use is that it has a super-bright LED light that’s safe as it is made up of core biodegradable plastic, which is long lasting and is also highly visible. The light of the LED flash consists of five different modes that are bright, medium, dim, SOS, and strobe. Secondly, it contains a battery which is capable of 2200mAh with the attached portable power bank with a USB charging port and cable for emergency cell phone charging. This device is 100% waterproof and highly durable, with a nice weight to it.

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